Our years of experience in developing and evaluating tender submissions gives us a valuable insight into exactly what the buyer is looking for and hoping to receive in your tender response. This experience is vital in being your advantage over your competitors. We can make sure that your submission is top quality and gives you the very best chance of winning that contract.

First Contact

Firstly, one of our team will contact you to have an in-depth conversation about your organisation and the contract you intend to bid for. It is important for us to understand what makes you unique and different from your competitors.

Review of invitation to tender

We will review in depth all elements of the invitation to tender (ITT) to ensure we are clear on exactly what the buying organisation is expecting to receive, and by what deadline

Develop a timetable

We will then develop and share with you a project timetable to allow adequate time for planning, development, review and submission. Here at TenderHelp we are flexible and responsive to allow us to react to your needs and ensure we meet your deadlines. Even if your deadline is fast approaching, we can help. Just get in touch!

Create your tender document

One of our experts will then write your comprehensive tender document. With adequate time before the deadline, they will share the draft copy with you to ensure you are happy with it and allow any final amendments to be made.

E-procurement portals

Many buying organisations now use an online e-procurement portal for sharing documents, communicating with suppliers and submission. We can assist you in signing up to the portal and submitting your tender if required.

Without your help, expert advice and support, Persona Insight CIC would not have been successful in what can only be described as “unprecedented times". TenderHelp really stepped up and we could not have done what we have over recent months without your expertise, experience, support and empathy. I would highly recommend TenderHelp's services to anyone requiring advice and support when writing a successful bid.
Mrs Helen G Boyle | CEO | Persona Insight CIC