If you are happy to develop a tender yourself but would like us to cast an expert eye over your final draft, we offer a review service.

Comprehensive Tender Review

This comprehensive review and analysis can be a very useful and affordable way of improving your bid and maximising your chances of winning that lucrative contract.

We review your tender documentation alongside the invitation to tender (ITT) from the buyer to ensure we are clear on exactly what their requirements are. This service ensures that your tender documentation meets the following guidance;

Does not make any clear and obvious mistakes.

This may sound simple, but during our time we have seen glaring errors; such as stating the wrong buying organisation or spelling the name of your own company incorrectly.

Demonstrates a good use of the English language and is well written.

Does not have any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Your tender submission can be of very good quality and provide the buyer with exactly what they have asked for, but if it is full of errors, the evaluator is likely to reflect this in the scoring.

Is structured appropriately and flows smoothly.

The easier it is for the evaluator to read and find the answers to their questions, the more favourable they will score your tender.

Answers ALL questions as requested in the ITT.

One of the most frustrating mistakes made by bidders is missing a question that carries marks towards your score. This may be a genuine mistake, or an assumption that the buyer knows the selling company well enough that an answer is not required. The evaluator can only provide a score based on what is contained in the tender documentation.

Considers the knowledge and experience of the evaluator.

Some buying organisations will have technical experts on the evaluating panel, however, some will have generic procurement specialists or buyers. It is important that this is considered in your submission, getting the balance right between having enough technical detail to answer any questions the buyer has but not too much to alienate a non-specialist.

Is specific to the buying organisation.

Buyers are likely to score favourably if it is evident that the selling organisation has spent time carefully considering how they can best help them achieve their outcomes. Clearly demonstrating that you have researched the buyer and their corporate objectives shows that this contract is important to you and may set you apart from your competitors. An obviously standardised submission may score reasonably, but is likely to be unsuccessful.

Maximises your score and chance of being successful.

We will also include suggestions on how to improve the score of your tender, increasing your chances of being successful. Such as identifying any areas of weakness that could be improved and developed further. Or areas of strength that could benefit with expanding on and ensuring you get maximum marks available. This could also include various other additions to your tender that we think could result in extra marks towards your final evaluation score.

What our clients say about us...

We are very happy to recommend TenderHelp to anyone seeking to win a public contract. With little experience of public contracts and several unsuccessful bids, we sought their help for an important contract and were delighted to be awarded our most lucrative contract to date. We were very pleasantly surprised with the affordability of TenderHelp’s services.

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