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Bid Writing Services, Tender Review and Evaluation

Welcome to TenderHelp. Did you know public spending in the UK was valued at more than £800 billion last year alone?!

Is there a public contract that is perfect for your organisation, but you need help winning it?!

We strongly believe that companies of all sizes should be able to access this vast market place, irrespective of their experience or knowledge of the public-sector procurement process.

That is where TenderHelp comes in.

Tender Writing

We can write a full tender response for you. Covering all required points and giving you the best chance possible of being successful.

Tender Review

We will thoroughly review your tender document and provide constructive advice on how to improve it and increase your evaluation score.

Tender Evaluation

We will evaluate your tender document as if we were the buying organisation. Enabling you to use the resultant score to highlight areas for improvement.

How we can help with your tender writing

We know your requirements may vary. From a full tender development service, to a review of your finalised tender, ensuring it is as good as possible before submission. We will work flexibly with you to give you the best possible chance of winning your chosen tender.

We have developed a range of services to meet your varying needs. If you do not find what you need on our site, please get in touch.

Here at TenderHelp we pride ourselves at offering great value for our services. To enable all types of organisations from various backgrounds to compete for public contracts, we ensure our prices remain competitive and affordable, whilst still providing an excellent service.

Using our experience in developing and evaluating requests for quotations (RFQ), invitation to tenders (ITT), pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ) etc. for public organisations. We know exactly what the buyer is looking for and hoping to receive in your tender response.

This experience of evaluating tender submissions is vital in being your advantage over your competitors. We can ensure that your submission is not only top quality and covers all required points, but that other important aspects that a buyer will be looking for are considered. Such as…

• What are the corporate objectives and priorities of the organisation you are bidding to? How can you not only meet their buying needs but also contribute to their wider objectives?

• If you are bidding to a local authority, what is its political make-up and how could this impact on their buying policies?

• What pressures is the buying organisation facing and could this impact on the value they will be looking to achieve? Public organisations are increasingly looking to achieve social value as well as economical value.

What our clients say about us...

Without your help, expert advice and support, Persona Insight CIC would not have been successful in what can only be described as “unprecedented times”. TenderHelp really stepped up and we could not have done what we have over recent months without your expertise, experience, support and empathy.

I would highly recommend TenderHelp’s services to anyone requiring advice and support when writing a successful bid.

Mrs Helen G Boyle, CEO, Persona Insight CIC

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