For customers that need to develop and submit tenders regularly, it can be more cost effective and time efficient to fully outsource the entire tender management process.

We understand how time, cost and resource intensive tendering can be for our customers. This is often exacerbated when the responsibility for developing tenders falls to a manager/director that hasn’t the time to fit this in amongst their other responsibilities and/or someone who isn’t a tender writing specialist. This can not only result in inefficient use of resources but also substandard tenders and lower win rates. Even for organisations that have bid writing specialists, they may require additional capacity without wanting to go through frequent recruitment processes and see the additional resilience, business continuity and quality our team can offer.

Dedicated account handlers

We would appoint a specific bid writer (or bid writing team, depending on your needs) to you, working on a retainer basis, for a fixed monthly fee.

We would ensure that you’re working with the same bid writer/team at all times; not only allowing them to understand your business in fine detail and therefore reflecting this in the quality of the tender submissions, but also aiding the development and maintenance of excellent communication and relations.

This option also allows our team to comprehensively review your tendering performance and develop a strategic plan to help you improve and win more business.

Understanding your tendering requirements

This option also allows our team to comprehensively review your tendering performance and develop a strategic plan to help you improve and win more business.

We would work with you to determine your current position and exact requirements, including: how many tenders per month/quarter/year you currently submit; how long do you currently spend developing each tender; what is your current win rate; are you targeting the most appropriate opportunities for you; are there any other areas you need to improve on (e.g., supporting documentation – policies and procedures, accreditations, references etc.); what feedback have you received regarding your previous tender submissions; and how you compare with competitors.

Bid / No Bid Decision

We understand that it can be daunting and time consuming to read through and check all of the tender documents to ensure it is an opportunity you are interested in and eligible for. Especially when there are many documents and the language used is sometimes confusing. It can be difficult to know which document you should be looking at and understand what the terminology or acronyms that are unfamiliar to you mean. Any one tender may include a wide range of documents that you need to review before deciding to go ahead, including: Invitation to Tender (ITT); Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ); Supplier Selection Questionnaire (SSQ); various annexes and appendices; specification; contract terms and conditions; price schedule; quality questions and/or response booklet; method statements; form of tender; non-collusion statement etc. Even customers that have experience and knowledge of the tendering process may not have the time to read through many documents.

We can take this time-consuming process off your hands by reading and reviewing all of the tender documentation for you, providing you with a summary of the requirements, eligibility criteria and key aspects of the tender/contract. To facilitate this, we have a detailed conversation with you at the start to understand your current circumstances, what you’re looking for and any eligibility criteria you currently do not meet.

It is important to use your time and resources effectively, taking the time to carry out a Bid / No Bid decision will ensure that you are not spending time, money and resources on tendering for opportunities that you have very little chance of winning. Our team will provide an honest and frank assessment of the likelihood of you being successful in the tender, and suggest more suitable alternatives if appropriate.