TenderHelp offer a mock evaluation service. This can be an extremely useful method of estimating the score your tender would receive from the evaluator and identifying areas to improve it.

It is extremely common for the range of scores of submitted tenders to be very small and organisations missing out on being awarded contracts by only one or two points. Therefore, an improvement in your tender’s score by only one point can mean the difference between being successful or not.

How does the mock evaluation service work?

1. You notify us that you would like us to carry out a mock evaluation of your tender document.

2. You supply us with your tender documentation as well as the buying organisation’s invitation to tender documents.

3. We will also need to know your timeframes and deadlines. We are happy and able to work flexibly and expediently.

4. One of our experts with years of experience will evaluate your tender document as if they would for the buying organisation.

5. We will share all scores for every element of your tender with you. Highlighting any areas that your tender did not score full marks.

6. We will also provide advice on how to improve these scores to maximise your chances of being successful.

What our clients say about us...

We are very happy to recommend TenderHelp to anyone seeking to win a public contract. With little experience of public contracts and several unsuccessful bids, we sought their help for an important contract and were delighted to be awarded our most lucrative contract to date. We were very pleasantly surprised with the affordability of TenderHelp’s services.

PSD International Ltd

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