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We all know how important it is to win tenders, grants, and frameworks, so we can grow our businesses.

Here are five ways you can ensure success…

Outsource Your Bid Writing

You’re halfway there already by outsourcing your bid writing to talented, experienced bid writers. Many of you reading this will have chosen us at TenderHelp. Thank you for your business.

We’ll make your our submission the best it can be by:
  • Focussing on getting your tender written, while you deal with running your business
  • Ensuring your application meets specification requirements
  • Composing high-scoring, relevant content, within those pesky word limits
  • Meeting submission requirements: negotiating the various commissioner portals, submitting your tender correctly, by the deadline


Telling us about the tender as soon as you can prior to the deadline will enable us to spend time refining and adding quality evidence to your submission. Even if you’re not sure you’re going to bid for a specific tender when you identify the opportunity, let us know. We’ll put together a quote in readiness for it opening and crack on with writing it as soon as it’s published.

Talk To Us

If you’re not sure about anything we’ve asked or are concerned that you may not have all the pre-requisites for tender submission, don’t delay, tell us.

Let us know, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Timely Responses

One of the first things we’ll do after receipt of your first 50% payment is email you asking for the documents we need to make your tender personal to your business.

Please get back to us as soon as you can. Even if you don’t have all the information we’ve asked for yet. As soon as we have any of the information we’ve asked you for, we can make a start on creating the relevant answers while we wait for the rest.

Any delays in the process mean there’s less time to write the best possible answers for you.

As an incentive, from April 2023, we’ve decided to implement a £100 discount to all customers who send us the information we ask for within the deadline mentioned on your quotation document.

Too Much Information... No Such Thing!

Part of a good tender submission includes recent, relevant evidence. To help us highlight the extra things you do to provide excellent service, value for money & social value, we need to know about them.

Whilst researching best practice and looking through your policies, procedures, and websites is part of our role, the best evidence comes from examples from your business.

Please send us anything you think could be useful e.g.,
  • Compliments and feedback received (customers, service users, other professionals, staff members etc.)
  • Inspection findings
  • Policies and procedures
  • Changes you’ve made to improve processes
  • Use your colleagues as sources of information such as HR for policies and finance for statistical data
  • Use statistical evidence. It’s much better to demonstrate to commissioners that you do what you say e.g., ‘Our staff retention is excellent’ is just a statement. ‘Our staff retention is excellent, with 95% of our 52 staff working with us for 5+ years’ adds evidence that what you’re saying is fact.

Between 2020-2022, TenderHelp’s bid writing service acquired £2b+ in customer contracts across the UK & Europe & supported 100+ companies to win their first public sector contracts.

We provide bespoke bid-writing services to meet your needs, ranging from fully outsourced bid-management, to grant applications, tender writing, evaluation, review, training, & policy writing.

Please contact us at or on 07944 500947, to talk through your requirements. We’ll provide a competitive quote & support you to win your next public sector contract.

Article written by:

Helen Holland

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