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Social value within the public sector has become increasingly prevalent in the last few years. Here at TenderHelp, we have always strived to consider social value in every aspect of our business and continue to do so today. Our commitment to maintaining and implementing Social Value within our business is upheld by our ability to continuously improve on experience and comprehensive knowledge in this area; including but not limited to the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, The National Themes Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) Framework 2019 and various widely implemented Social Value Toolkits.

Our bid writing team have significant experience and understanding in this area, gained through activities such as implementing Social Value frameworks and toolkits at local authorities and other public sector bodies, as part of their previous roles as senior procurement, contract management and buying specialists; ensuring internal contract managers and procurement officers considered Social Value in all tenders produced, and had a quantifiable method of measuring Social Value commitments. We maintain firm and clear Social Value responsibilities within TenderHelp as one of our core objectives. All staff at TenderHelp adopt these values, continually referring to the three P’s - People, Planet, Profit. We have policies in place to ensure Social Value commitments are upheld and encourage all clients, supply chain partners and other stakeholders to adopt these policies if they haven’t already, such as Social Value, Sustainability, Environmental, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Sourcing, Modern Slavery, Equality and Diversity and a range of other associated policies. 

At the heart of our company we strive to do our very best to meet community needs, supporting local charities, partnerships and local businesses, keeping a firm understanding of local Economic, Environmental and Social priorities and impacts. We think strategically to generate long-term value, so our decisions now impact the future positively, these values constantly threaded into the work we do, improving Environmental Enhancement, Area Regeneration, and Improved Accessibility.

We also support various local and national charities; we support the vital process of cancer research with the Bobby Moore Fund, caring for our oceans with the Marine Conservation Society and PADI Aware, the Galapagos Charles Darwin Foundation, the RSPB, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Locally, we also support the local Norwich Food Bank and The Feed - facilitating change to prevent poverty, hunger and homelessness in Norwich. We commit both financially and support these charities and others by raising awareness on our Social Media platforms.

Using our social media platforms is a vital step to raising awareness, campaigning for charities and for increasing understanding of Equality and Diversity in the workplace, something we feel passionate about. We understand the difficulties and challenges faced by young people in gaining employment and accessing opportunities. We have provided opportunities through the Kickstart Scheme, creating jobs for 16–25-year-olds who are at risk of long-term unemployment. We also recently recruited an apprentice Business Administrator, gaining valuable experience and skills through Adult Learning at Norfolk County Council, with the intention of creating job opportunities for underrepresented groups in the local community.

We are accountable for all our outcomes and tailor the decisions we make to help maintain quality of the local public, improve the environment in and beyond the community, and support the local economy in what we do.

Additionally, our thoughts are with those affected by the crisis in Ukraine at this tragic and very distressing time. TenderHelp has donated £500 immediately to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, match funded to £1,000 by Aviva.

We also commit to donating 10% of all success fees received for the rest of 2022 to DEC.

We urge our customers, suppliers, partners and commissioners to show their support and promote the essential work that DEC member charities, including the British Red Cross, are providing.

Article written by:

Philippa Nettleton

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