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Exciting news at TenderHelp! Due to the vast experience, dedication, and hard work of our team, we were accepted on to the Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH) NHS Trust Bid Writing and Bid Management framework. Well done to the team, we can’t wait to get started working with the Trust!

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust Bid Writing and Bid Management Contract Award

Here at TenderHelp we guide and support all types of organisations and companies through the bid management, grant application and tender writing process. We are very proud to now work with the CLCH Trust. Our appointment to this NHS framework is one we want to share openly, delighted to be working for an organisation of such integrity, who deliver such a valuable contribution to the community. We share these values and pride ourselves on working within our community, exercising best Social Value, creating opportunities for young people, promoting health and wellbeing, and supporting local charities.

We celebrate and support the CLCH as they tackle economic inequality, create new businesses, new jobs, and new skills, and increase supply chain resilience and capacity, understanding that it creates opportunities for entrepreneurship and help new, small organisations to grow, supporting economic growth and business creation.

Bid, Application and Bid Management Services

We have been successful in many NHS, healthcare, health and social care and related services and sectors, for the NHS, Trusts, GPs, companies, and charities. This has included:
  • Community Based Day Support Services (The Borough Council of Calderdale
  • Care at Home Services (Bury Council)
  • Domiciliary Care Support (Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Health and Care Foundation Trust)
  • Supported Living (Leicestershire County Council)
  • Residential Care Services, Supported Living Services and Care and Support in the Home (Kent County Council)
  • Living Well at Home (Oxfordshire County Council)
  • Gloucestershire Health and Social Care Framework (Gloucestershire County Council)
  • Promoting Independence (Sandwell Council)
  • Homecare Services (Ealing Council)
  • Complex Placements (Havering Council)
  • Housing Related Support Services (Croydon Council)
  • Total Inventory Management Systems (NHS Countess of Chester Hospital)

We tailor our services to each client and identify strategic risks and challenges, putting in place suitable mitigation measures to ensure business continuity and prevent service disruption – essential in the provision of service to the Trust. We are therefore capable of meeting fluctuating demand.

Thanks again to our wonderfully skilled team at TenderHelp for all the hard work that went into tendering for this exciting new venture.

Through the provision of excellent bids, application and bid management services, we will support CLCH to maintain and improve on their excellent success rate in winning new business. This will be critical to the sustainability and reputation of the organisation and allow the Trust to look at opportunities for improved optimisation and introduction of improved infrastructure as their presence increases in surrounding areas. Through our market leading services and capabilities of our team, we will ensure the Trust remains at the forefront of changing the way NHS services are provided to benefit their patients.

As part of the services we offer, we will develop a comprehensive plan to deliver bids on time, identifying the subject matter experts require, aligning to the CLCH Business Opportunities Framework and existing business development teams, including preparing gateway approval reports to Trust Executives. We will work with Trust subject matter experts, individually or in groups, to develop and deliver high quality responses to tender questions, including identifying necessary evidence internally and externally and ensure each question is answered effectively and impactfully.

The Trust provides services principally in the boroughs of Barnet, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Merton, Wandsworth, and Harrow. Central London CLCH is the largest community healthcare organisation in London. They also provide some community health services in Hertfordshire.

CLCH are at the forefront of changing the way NHS services are provided to benefit their patients; their 3,000 health professionals and staff have over 1.5 million patient contacts every year. They provide a range of services from over 160 locations, including GP practices, NHS health centres and schools.

We are ready, willing, and able to grab the opportunity of any project that arises on behalf of the Trust. We have no doubt that the extent of our services, our high success rate and the experience of our staff contribute to our success, however, the values at the heart of our company is for the community-enhancing the community, creating opportunities, supporting local charities, and promoting more opportunities for young people getting into work.

Article written by:

Philippa Nettleton

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