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Starting a new business can be a daunting process for both beginners and experienced individuals. Infrastructure, contacts, marketing, employees and supplies are all things you could easily lose sleep over. Then there is the most important thing, where are you going to get your business from?

In some cases an organic process of building the new business through word of mouth and a good marketing strategy will be enough to get regular enquiries and generate income. However, in some industries there will be a regular requirement to obtain formal contracts in order to secure the short and long term sustainability of the business. In all cases, winning a valuable contract can not only help sustain the business but allow it to grow and thrive.

How can a bid writing company help?

That’s where a good bid writing company can make the difference. By engaging the services of an experienced bid writer, you can find suitable tenders available in your industry that match your specific requirements. Contract values can range from a few thousand pounds to a few million, so there is a contract available for all business sizes and experience levels. All tenders are not made equal, with some being more suited to new companies than others.

What a bid writing company like Tenderhelp will do is consider many factors, including: your business aspirations, current situation (including resources and previous experience), competitiveness of the industry, desired geographic area etc. and advise which tenders are the most appropriate for you and would give you the very best chance of being successful.

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Article written by:

Kyle Jameson

Kyle is the founder and director of TenderHelp.

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